Doug Pinnick's Bass Rig

The "Doug Pinnick / King's X Sound" is something that many bassists strive to achieve. While many players will tell you that their sound is all in the hands, the gear they use is certainly an important component.

Thanks to Doug Pinnick we are proud to present detailed photos of his rig. Not only do these photos show the equipment that is being used but they are also clear and detailed enough to see the actual settings Doug is using as well.

Doug's amps and electronics are housed in two 16-space road racks.

The main rack includes:

Line6 Pod Pro Amp Modeler- This is the Guitar model, not the Bass Pod Pro
Furman Power Conditioner
Ampeg SVP-Pro Bass Pre-Amp
Groove Tubes Speaker Emulator
Two Yamaha 31-band EQ's
ART Dual Levelar - Tube Compression / Leveling Amp
Two Ampeg SVT-4 Pro Amplifiers

The second rack includes:

Traynor Bass Master Tube Amp
Three Shure Half-Rack Wireless In-Ear Monitor Transmitters
Two Peavey 31-band EQ's
Furman Compressor / Limiter

Doug uses three Ampeg 8x10 cabinets

Thanks Again to Doug Pinnick!

Everyone in the entire King's X organization has been absolutely first rate in their openness and willingness to provide information and photographs.

It is greatly appreciated!

Be sure to check out the other information about Doug and his basses in the Players section!













Published November 1, 2003