Doug Pinnick's Original Hamer B12S

dUg on stage with the B12S

Photos courtesy of Len Sonnier

This is a very important instrument in the world of 12-string basses. For many of us, when Doug Pinnick picked up the 12-string bass it changed the way we looked at the instrument and expanded what we thought it was capable of musically. He played this bass on several albums until he had Hamer make a long-scale 12 for him just prior to the Dogman sessions. It appeared in the videos for "It's Love" and "Black Flag" and traveled the world on several tours.


Not long ago I asked Doug about it's whereabouts and he told me it was in the hands of a close friend of his, Len Sonnier. Says Len, "It was a gift from him (Doug) a long time ago and something I will cherish as much as I enjoyed playing with Doug in Poundhound."

Doug had Len contact us here at so that we could present this update on his famous bass. Len was very willing to help and took these photos for us ("I got the pics... they aren't that great... but they may work for you. I didn't include myself in the photos because its all about the guitar man... haha.")

Len has had the bass re-strung right-handed and at some point someone has added an Ampeg sticker to the face of the body.

We would like to thank Len for taking the time to contact us and provide us with these current photos of the bass. We would also like to thank Doug Pinnick once again for his continued interest and support in what we're doing here at


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