12-String Bass Discography:
Compilation Albums

Two albums prominently feature 12-string bassists.

Album Name: Overkill Is Just Enough - The 12-String Bassist Collection
Genre: Jazz to Rock
Publisher: Two Headed Chicken Records (2008)

Notes: "Overkill" includes original songs from bands across the USA to The Philippines, over a full hour of music. It is a solid representation of the possibilities offered by the 12-string bass in a diversity of musical styles.

Songs on Album: 15
Songs Recorded w/ 12: 15

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Monty Colvin created the cover art.

"Overkill Is Just Enough" Artists

Crunchy - "The Lucky One"

Robert Baird - "Who Said Life Was Fair"

Monty Colvin played his Hades 12-string bass and also created the cover art for the album. This was 'Song Of The Day' on the Garageband.com website. Robert used his Waterstone TP 12/34.

Xaltar - "Every Sunday"

Clatter - "Nighttime"

Rob Martinez played his Waterstone 12 on this song that even includes a full choir!

Clatter is a bass / drums duo. Amy Humphrey played her Waterstone TP-1, her husband Joe Hayes played drums.


Tony Senatore - "Lord Of The Subtones"
and "Shapla"

Judge Unger - "Imitation" and
Inspector 12 and Jamage Control - "A Mystic Blue"

Tony used a variety of basses on these songs including this black Hamer B12L 12-string bass.

Odell Robinson played a variety of basses on these songs including three different Hamer 12-strings.


Kulukati - "Kalungkutan"

Matthew Ryan - "Meridian Point"

Kulukati bassist Erick Reyes played his Waterstone 12. The band is from The Philippines and the song is sung in Tagalog.

A Hamer B12A 12-string bass was used by Matt
to record this solo instrumental piece.


Philip Snyder - "Title Fight"

Second Glance - "The Judas Blues" and "Lavender"

Philip recorded this song with his Hamer CH-12. He did the art layout and co-produced the album.

Second Glance bassist Brent Anthonisen recorded both of these tunes using his white Musicvox Space Cadet 12.

Hugh Bet'cha - "Bring Me Down"
Live on stage opening for Vixen in 1989. Ron played his Hamer B12A.


Mark "Surf Rat" Rowe - "Psycho"
"Surf" played this song on his fretless Hamer B12L. He also co-produced the album.

Album Name: 12 x12 : The 12-String Bass Compilation
Genre: Primarily Rock (2002)

Notes: Nearly a full hour of original music from local bands in the USA and Canada. The original Hamer Quad bass is shown on the front cover, with a close-up of a Hamer CH-12 on the back cover.

Songs on Album: 12
Songs Recorded with a 12: 11
All songs recorded using 12-string basses except the song "Killed By You" by the band Toys which was misrepresented by Toys' bassist Jon Maye as a 12-string bass tune. After the album was released it was learned that the song was actually recorded with a 5-string Leduc bass. Maye is even shown playing the 5-string Leduc in the video for this song. Weird......

Other Compilations

These compilations include songs recorded with the 12-string bass.

Album Name: Safety in Numbers Vol. III
Genre: Country
Publisher: Ken Schaffer (2000)
Bassist: Tim Harden
12-String Bass Played: Hamer B12L

Note: Compilation features two songs from each of ten Texas songwriters. These two songs were also released on Tim Harden's 2008 solo album.

Songs on Album: 20
Songs Recorded with a 12: 2


Album Name: 2001: New Music Odyssey
Genre: Mostly Rock
Publisher: Garudio Records (2001)
Band: Glitterhick
Bassist: Bobby Lee
12-String Bass Played: Hamer B12S

Note: Compilation features songs from artists affiliated with Garudio Records.

Songs on Album: 16
Songs Recorded with 12: 1

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