David Henning's 12-String Bass Rig

David Henning on stage with Big Wreck

David Henning's personal photos of his rig were lost when his laptop died but he graciously detailed the components of it for us.

"This is what my rig is mainly: A 1970 SVT Head and 2 Ampeg 8x10 classic cabinets. I usually just use one, depending on the situation. I also have two direct box and one mic signal outputs:

        1.  There is a dry signal that runs direct from bass to house FOH (Front of House);
        2.  A signal that goes through whatever effects and then direct to FOH; and
        3.  One amp mic signal.

All three signals are then mixed to the engineer's taste out front. I found that having the combination really gives lots of leeway for tone variation. A must in live venues. It allows the sound to be tailored to a fine degree. This was my FOH engineer Charlie Ferguson's idea. A true wiz in the sounds department.  It worked well for the most part. Of course, the more cables/equipment, the more room for something going south."

"As far as effects, I have a lot of them, but the ones I love and use the most are:


Line6 DL4 Delay
Several vintage EH Small Stone phasers
Several distortions: ProCo Rat, Expandora, Prescription Harmonics Depth Charge, Big Muff, sometimes natural amp distortion (that was decided by the live venue size)

Boss & EBS octavers

A Behringer Composer Pro Compressor (surprisingly good sounding for the price)

Eventually, I dropped out all effects from my live rig. I only bring a few and use those sparingly (octaver, Small Stone and DL4)."

"I only pretty much use a Boss OC-2, vintage EH Small Stone, various distortion pedals, Furman Power-Regulator, Korg rack tuner and sometimes multiple DI boxes (one before the signal gets to the amp and a separate DI that comes after the effects). I found that keeping one output line pure was better because pedals tend to suck out the input gain and really take away bottom. That way the sound man could have a constant signal to mix the effects against. And finally, one of the cabinets was miked."

"Hope this helps, GO CATS!

Editor's note: Dave's uncle is the Offensive Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers.


Thanks to David Henning for his continuing interest and support!
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