12-String Bass DVD's

While albums including a 12-string bass are uncommon, DVD's that include a 12 are as rare as hens teeth.

Artist: Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce
DVD Name: Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce Live
Genre: Boogie Blues with some cover tunes
Publisher: Sabrina Weeks and Mike Hilliard (2015)
Bassist: Terry Strudwick
Bass Played: Musicvox MI-5 12-string bass

Songs on DVD: 12
Songs Recorded with a 12: 3

     Slide Over Here
     Got My Eye On You

Notes: The band is from Kamloops, British Columbia and has won a number of blues awards. Bassist Terry Strudwick co-wrote the song Slide Over Here. Be sure to checkout Terry's Featured Player page.

Artist: Cheap Trick
DVD Name: Live In Australia
Publisher: Rhino R2 5658 (1988)
Bassist: Tom Petersson - Read our Interview with Tom.
12-String Basses Played: Black Hamer B12A with white binding except on the song "Don't Be Cruel" in which he plays his upright Hamer Checkerboard "Elvis" B12A.
Songs on DVD: 14
Songs Recorded with a 12-String Bass: 14
   Just Got Back
   On Top of the World
   Dream Police
   If You Want My Love
   Clock Strikes Ten
   Big Eyes
   Never Had A Lot To Lose
   Ain't That a Shame
   California Man
   The Flame
   Don't Be Cruel
   I Want You To Want Me
   Auf Wiedersehen

Artist: Cheap Trick
DVD Name: Music For Hangovers
Genre: Rock
Publisher: Rhino R2 976071 (2000)
Bassist: Tom Petersson - Read our Interview with Tom.
12-String Bass Played: Orange Chandler Royale 12
Songs on DVD: 14
Songs Recorded with a 12: 13
   Oh Claire
   Hot Love
   I Can't Take It
   I Want You To Want Me
   Taxman, Mr. Thief
   How Are You
   If You Want My Love
   Dream Police
   So Good To See You
   The Ballad Of TV Violence
   Gonna Raise Hell

Artist: Cheap Trick
DVD Name: Silver
Genre: Pop Rock
Publisher: Cheap Trick Unlimited (2001)
Bassist: Tom Petersson
Bass Played: Black Chandler Royale on all songs except "You're All Talk" which Tom played on the green Kids Dragon 12 with the "E" strings tuned up to "G".
Songs on DVD: 29   Songs Recorded with the 12: 18
Jon Brant played two songs on 4-string bass.
   Ain't That a Shame
   I Want You To Want Me
   Oh, Candy
   In the Street
   Can't Stop Falling in Love
   Gonna Raise Hell
   I Know What I Want
   Woke Up With a Monster
   Never Had a Lot To Lose
   You're All Talk
   I'm Losing You
   Hard To Tell
   Oh Claire
   Just Got Back
   Day Tripper
   Who D' King

Artist: Goldfinger
DVD Name: The Show Must Go Off!
Genre: Punk Rock
Publisher: Kung Fu Films 78823-9 (2004)
Bassist: Kelly LeMieux
12-String Bass Played: Black Hamer Ament 12
Songs on DVD: 14
Songs Recorded with a 12: 5
   San Simeon
   Open Your Eyes
   Wayne Gretsky
   F*ck Ted Nugent

Note: The mix on this DVD is not particularly good. The bass is buried throughout the entire performance and the sound of the 12-string bass just doesn't cut through.

Artist: Union
DVD Name: Do Your Own Thing Live!
Genre: Rock
Publisher: Creative Works Entertainment (2005)
Bassist: Jamie Hunting
12-String Bass Played: Hamer B12A
Songs on DVD: 14 + 11 bonus tracks
Songs Recorded with a 12: 5
   Who Do You Think You Are
   Everything's Alright
   Power To The Music
   I Walk Alone

Note: This DVD is live concert footage from two different shows. The 12-string bass doesn't make an appearance in the main program, only in the bonus tracks. These bonus tracks were recorded about the time the band released "The Blue Room" album in 1999. While the stage presence and lead vocal performance of John Corabi is tedious and uninspired, the drumming of Brent Fitz makes up for it!

Artist: White Sister
DVD Name: Straight From The Heart
Genre: Rock
Publisher: Transistor Pictures (2009)
Bassist: Dennis Churchill-Dries
12-String Bass Played: Black Hamer Chaparral
Songs on DVD: 10
Songs Recorded with a 12: 10

This DVD was recorded live at Firefest V festival in Nottingham, England in November of 2008. Only 750 copies of this DVD were produced.

12-String Bass Instructional DVD

Artist: Tony Senatore
DVD Name: A 12-String Bass X-ploration
Publisher: Tony Senatore (2007)
12-String Basses Played: Black Hamer B12L, Rothstein Andromeda and Fretless Andromeda

This DVD shows Tony playing his 12-string basses on four songs in the studio, plus there is an interview in which Tony explains his ideas. Tony told us, "I just outlined a few things in the narrative. No one needs any specific instruction to play the 12. I just conveyed my concepts..."

The DVD is 37 minutes long overall. It is available for $15 in the USA / $20 with int'l shipping on Tony's website.

Note: While this is the first commercially available 12-string bass instructional DVD, Amy Humphrey included her own 12-string bass instructional DVD with every copy of the Clatter album "Monarch" that was ordered in advance of the album release date in December of 2006.

18-String Bass DVD

Artist: The Allman Brothers Band
DVD Name: Live At Great Woods
Genre: Southern Rock
Publisher: Sony / Columbia (1998)
Bassist: Allen Woody
18-String Bass Played: Modulus Custom 18-String
Songs on DVD: 11
Songs Recorded with the 18: 1
   Whipping Post

Notes: This concert was recorded in 1991 and was originally released in the VHS format in 1992.

It includes some great close-ups of the late Allen Woody and his unique Modulus 18-string bass.