Custom 12-String Bass of 2004 Contest

Every year some unique and exceptionally cool 12-string basses are built. These custom instruments frequently break new ground through the use of different woods, improved production techniques, new finishes, style changes or advances in electronics. It's not unusual for today's innovations to become tomorrow's standards, and some custom basses go on to be permanently associated with a specific player.

Recognition is long overdue for these ground breaking ideas and the people behind them. This contest was not so much intended to be a competition as an acknowledgement of the creativity and evolution that makes our little corner of the musical world so interesting!


Nominated Basses

George Callobre's Brown Sugar Hamer B12M
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Jim Morgan's Indigo Blue Hamer B12M
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Odell Robinson's "Dreamsicle" Hamer B12M
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Adam Fogo's OLP MM3 Conversion
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Greg Gianakis' Aztec Gold Hamer B12M
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Stevie Conlon's Ibanez T-bird Conversion
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Jack Capitano's Transparent Black Hamer B12A
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The contest rules were:
          1-    The 12-string bass entered must have been a 2004 model. It could have been ordered or production started in 2003 but must have been delivered in 2004.
          2-    There must be one significant custom feature that is different from production line basses.
        3-    Major modifications to existing basses that were completed in 2004 were also included.
        4-    Nominations were accepted from December 1 through December 31, 2004.
        5-    Voting took place from January 1 through January 10, 2005. Members of the 12-string bass community voted for their favorite custom bass. The winner was announced on January 11, 2005.

The prize? Bragging Rights. The winner now has a permanent page on this site honoring their bass as the "Custom 12-String Bass of 2004" award winner. Plus we threw in a set of S.I.T. 12-string bass strings.

The Winner?