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This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Capt. Craig Eubank from Key West, Florida and his Hamer B12A 12-string bass.
Craig operates the sport fishing charter boat "Mr. Z" docked in downtown Key West, hence the "Capt." title.


Craig on stage with "Bo Fodor and the Hitch-hikers" at "Boondocks", a Tiki bar on Ramrod Key.

Craig writes, "The great thing about living in the Florida Keys is there is a bar at every turn and most have live music nightly. The downside is that most gigs are at “tiki bars” and they expect Jimmy Buffett and “Brown Eyed Girl” type cover tunes. Not really the venue for a 12 string bass guitar. But I found a few exceptions such as Fantasy Fest, a Mardi Gras type celebration in October with a 6-mile parade route and 80,000 people, half of which are topless woman! The perfect opportunity to crank up the 12 through an SVT!"

"I have also found a home now on Friday nights playing with “Bo Fodor and the Hitch-hikers” up the Keys at a Bar named “Boondocks.” On those nights I become “Barnaby Wilde” the bass player. Again, we usually start out with the island-y style music but by the last set the Hamer B12A comes out and we delve into the archives to rattle the palm fronds with Sabbath, AC/DC, Nugent, Zeppelin, etc."


Craig on stage with his Kids 12-string bass at the Key West Seafood Festival on January 17, 2009.


Prior to getting his Kids bass Craig told us, "I have owned several 12-string basses: an SG red Chandler Royale, a red Hamer B12S, a Hamer CH-12 and now I've settled down with the Hamer B12A 59’ burst. I like the string spacing better (wider sets ‘cause I am a finger plucker) and it has better balance. The rest of my bass arsenal includes a 1984 Steinberger 5-string and a 1973 natural Gibson Ripper."


Craig has played multi-stringed basses for many years.
He played this Kramer 8-string bass in "The Jody Foster Fan Club" band in 1984.


Craig's rig is an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro with a classic 4x10 cabinet. 
For larger gigs he adds some 15’s and a Peavey CS 800 power amp.


Craig's 4-year old son Zach sits in on bass. Rock On, Zach!


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