12-String Bass Featured Player

This page is dedicated to working 12-string bassists everywhere!

Cory Robinson from Cranford, New Jersey and his Musicvox 12-String Bass
On stage with the band Something Primitive at their CD release party


Cory has played bass for 27 years. His first 12-string bass was a Hamer B12S he bought in 1994. About his Musicvox Cory writes, "The Musicvox is great. It has a powerful midrange tone and is well balanced for a 12ver. The pearl tuning pegs help. I also removed the preamp from it as I found it useless. The pickups are hot enough without it."

"The 12-string bass is the sound for Something Primitive. Lead singer and guitarist Johnny O once likened its sound to a Mack truck driving through his living room!"


Cory plays the 12 fingerstyle. He uses it on at least 90% of the songs at every gig.
Cory's influences include Cheap Trick and The Beatles.


Cory writes, "My new rig is a GK 400RB-210 with a G-K 2x10 cab with tweeter. It's got plenty of power and sounds warm. I also use a MXR M80 pedal / direct box. I use the distortion channel for the 12-string, I set the gain as low as it can go and blend it with the clean channel at about 9 o'clock on the dial. I do not use the distortion channel on my other basses."

Cory's Bass Rig

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