4-String to 11-String Bass Conversion

Stevie Conlon's 1976 Ibanez T-bird 11-String Bass Conversion

Stevie Conlon converted this 4-string bass into a custom 11-string. This bass consists of a 1976 Ibanez T-Bird body with a Carlo Robelli 12-string bass neck & bridge.

There are two single strings, these are tuned low B and E. The three tripled courses are tuned E, A and D. One small tuner has been replaced with a large one for the low B string, and one tuner is unused.

There are Bartolini classic bass pickups with an Aguilar 3-band preamp. The neck routing, custom nut and setup were done by Nate at Third Coast Guitars in Chicago. The work was done April and May of 2004.