12-String Bass Contests

Every now and then we hold contests and give away some pretty cool prizes. Thus far we have
given away 45 prizes valued at nearly $3,000.00! Here is your chance to win!

Some comments from previous contest winners:

"Thanks for the strap and for keeping the site going, and going, and going, and going........" Ron Johnson, Illinois

"I'm gonna give props to 12stringbass.net by stating that I DID get the SIT 12-string bass strings after I had won them from THIS site." Matthew "Psychomattias" Woodruff, Indiana

"As did I!!"
Garth "Mass Grooves" Blake, Canada

"Great site! Has been from day one! Thanks again for the SansAmp I won... free gear is a wonderful thing!" Jeff Caldwell, Georgia

"Today I received the Hamer jacket I won in the contest. It's really cool, fits good and was mailed on May 1st as promised. Thank you!"
Steve Sechrest, Washington

"I got a Hamer jacket too! I likes it! Thanks!"
Steve Post, Minnesota

"Thanx a million for my jacket which I received over here in Dublin, Ireland on Friday morning! Delighted with it, I am! You guys ROCK!!"
Maurice Kirby, Ireland

EMG-HZ Contest - Ended October 31, 2007

Prize: One Pair of EMG-HZ Passive Bass Pickups from EMG
Winner: Paul Wilson - California

The 12 Strings of Christmas Contest - Ended December 15, 2006

Prize: Waterstone Ozone 12-String Bass

Winner: Ron Johnson - Illinois

The Pirate's Booty Contest - Ended September, 2006

Prize: BBE Sonic Stomp
Winner: Mike Richards - California

Prize: Fender PT-100 Tuner
Winner: Jim Madison - Texas

Prize: BBE Opto Stomp
Winner: Ken Ritchie - Georgia


Prize: S.I.T. 12-String Bass Strings
Larry Anderson - California
Steve Sechrest - Washington
Brian Goodman - West Virginia
Kirk Washington - Canada






Prize: Compilation CD's
Christy Thompson - Missouri
Takumi Ishikawa - Japan
Chris Ryan - Pennsylvania
Garry Goodman - California
Daniel Stein - Wisconsin
Jorge Vasquez - Texas
Lars Olsson - Denmark
Jennifer Hicks - New York
Ken Ritchie - Georgia
Ron Reno - Washington
Klaus Wagner - Switzerland
Dennis Gerber - California

Prize: Bass Strap
Sue Barnett - UK
Ron Johnson - Illinois
Pat Garfield - Massachusetts
Garth Blake - Canada






Custom 12-String Bass of 2004 - Contest Ended January 2005

Prize: S.I.T. Power Wound Nickel Strings, plus Bragging Rights
Winner: Adam Fogo - Canada

MP3 Contest - Ended July 2004

Prize: SansAmp Bass Driver DI
Winner: Ron Reno - Washington

1st Anniversary Contest - Ended April 2004

Grand Prize: SansAmp Bass Driver DI from Tech 21 NYC
Winner: Jeff Caldwell - Georgia

First Prizes: Jackets from Hamer Guitars
Winners: David Collins - California
Steve Sechrest - Washington
Maurice Kirby - Ireland
Cheryl Hanson - Ohio
Ian Ringler - Colorado
Steve Post - Minnesota

Second Prizes: S.I.T. Power Wound Nickel Strings
Winners: Matthew Woodruff - Indiana
Garth Blake - Canada
Jacob Scott - Virginia
Rob Stanfield - Delaware

CRUNCHY CD Contest - Ended December 2003

Prizes: CRUNCHY "Clown School Dropout" CDs, autographed by Monty Colvin
Winners: Jim Morgan - Illinois
Glenn Fairbairn - Australia
Ian Perge - Kentucky
Zach Miller - Minnesota
George Callobre - Illinois

EMG-HZ Contest - Ended September 2003

Prize: Pair of 35-HZ bass pick-ups from EMG
Winner: Dave Westerman - Texas

Congratulations to all of the contest winners, and Thank You to everyone who entered!