Chip Znuff of Enuff Z'nuff

12-String Bassist Chip Znuff of the band Enuff Z'nuff

Chip Znuff has played a 12-string bass in the recording studio and in live performances for many years.
Enuff Z'nuff has produced more than a dozen albums since 1989.


This Hamer 12-string bass is in a metallic light blue finish with red LED fret markers. It has the Gibson-style "bell" truss-rod cover which implies that it only has one truss-rod. This bass also has an unusual headstock shape.


Chip and Donnie in an early photo with the metallic blue 12


Like many bassists Chip covers his 12 with decals, making it difficult to see the blue color underneath.


The body style is the Steve Stevens guitar style with beveled edges all around. There are 3 humbucking pick-ups. This bass was originally made for Jon Brant of Cheap Trick.


Chip is one of the few 12-string bassists to play fingerstyle rather than using a pick.


The back of the neck and headstock were left natural and were not painted blue.

1990 Custom Chaparral 12-String Bass

The graphics on this bass were all custom painted by Hamer. The production model 12-string Chaparral bass was not introduced until 1992 but for this bass a Chaparral guitar body was used. The guitar body does not have the scallops on the body that are found on the bass body. The neck has the boomerang inlays at every position. The headstock is a custom shape that was used on only a few 8-string and 12-string basses.

This bass is shown here in a photo from the 1994 Enuff Z'Nuff album Tweaked