Cheap Trick's 12-String Bassist
Jon Brant

Jon Brant played bass with Cheap Trick from 1982 to 1986.



Originally Jon played the same white Hamer B12S as was played by Pete Comita.
This bass was owned by Rick Nielsen.

This bass can be seen in the video for "If You Want My Love".


Jon soon switched to a red Hamer B12S.


It has been reported that Jon was never comfortable playing a 12-string bass.
He found it incredibly hard to play because of the great amount of string tension.

This bass can be seen in the videos for "She's Tight" and "Tonight It's You".

In this photo it includes unmarked EMG pick-ups. The neck is thinner than that found on the standard B12S. Jon had it shaved by Hamer to make it feel more like his Fender P-bass.

When Brant got his Peavey endorsement in 1986 he sold this bass and has never returned to playing a 12-string.


Jon on stage with his 4-string bass and Bun E. Carlos with the band
The Bun E. Carlos Experience in the early 1990's.


Promotional drawing for another of Jon's bands, called d'Thumbs.
Pete Comita was also in this band with Jon before playing with Cheap Trick.

To our knowledge Jon has never given an interview.
He remains active in the music world and has played on a wide variety of albums.