Bird of Prey Custom 12-String Bass

Odell Robinson's custom 2014 Bird Of Prey 12-string bass
Built by Michael Marino at Mike's Custom Guitar Works in Benicia, California.


Body wings are basswood with a maple top. Medium 32" scale with Hamer bridge and tailpiece.
The bass has one volume control and a stack tone control with bass on bottom and treble on top.

The Klingon glyphs read "Twelve" and were painted by Odell's mother. The bass is nicknamed "BoP".


The truss rod cover is the Klingon insignia logo in white mother of pearl inlaid in ebony. It is held on in place by two small magnets. Michael Marino's "M" logo is also mother of pearl inlaid in ebony.


The neck is maple and purple heart. Fretboard is ebony with 6 different inlays.


The EMG electronics run at 18 volts. Magnets secure the cover so no screwdriver is needed.


The bass includes a brass plate that reads, "Marino Bass / #0003-12 / The Bird Of Prey / 2014".


Odell Robinson and his Bird Of Prey 12-String Bass.  Qapla'!