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Bertrand Allaume from Béthisy-Saint-Pierre, France and his Dean Rhapsody 12-string bass.
On stage with the band Follenzia.


Follenzia recorded their album titled "Le Projet Neutrino" (The Neutrino Project) in December of 2007.
Bertrand used his 12-string bass on the album. It was released on the ICI label.
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Bertrand has been a professional bassist for over 16 years. He writes, "I discovered the 12-string bass recently especially from your website 12stringbass.net. Six months ago I decided to try the 12-string bass for one of my musical projects: Follenzia "Le Projet Neutrino". It was a really good idea and the sound of the 12-string bass become a great point for this project. Anyway, I really love the 12-string bass and I try to use it in other projects or studio sessions. This type of bass guitar is not really popular in France but when I use my Dean in a show or in the studio lots of people are interested. It's maybe a new way for me!"


Bertrand's rig includes a Markbass F1 bass head, a Line 6 POD XT Pro with FBV foot controller and two Markbass 102P 2x10 cabinets.


In addition to the Dean Rhapsody 12-string bass, Bertrand primarily plays a Status Graphite Eclipse Artist 6-string bass.


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Follenzia music is available for download on iTunes