Dan Vashaw's 12-String Bass Rig

Dan "Bassfreak" Vashaw's Rig and cool basses


A Close-Up of the Darth Vader Rig


"This is my current set-up with Liquid Grin: I run the Carvin R1000 Bi-amped with the crossover set around 300 Hz. The EQ's on the amp are pretty flat. I let the RBI do all the tone shaping... unless I really need more low end for the club. The AMP2 line output on the R1000 puts the high end signal straight into the SX200. I have a channel select switch for the Carvin SX200 that I use to punch in distortion or clean bass tones. The switch also activates the built-in chorus and delay effects I use on a few songs. This has basically been the same set-up I've used for over a year, although I've used a RAT or a PSA-1 occasionally to try to fulfill my quest for the "perfect" 12-string bass tone."

"My set-up for The Push is the same, minus the SX200 and the 4x12. I send the XLR out from the RBI to the PA direct in both bands."

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