Hamer B12S 12-String Bass

The B12S is the successor to the Hamer Quad bass with the same body style but without the quadraphonic electronics. It was first produced in 1978. As of 2001 it was officially discontinued and dropped from the Hamer catalogue but is still in production on a special order basis. Early models had a single truss rod while later ones had the improved dual truss rod system. The neck is the short scale 30" length. There are a variety of different electronics configurations found on these basses, resulting in many different knob and switch configurations.

1989 B12S 12-string bass with trapezoid inlays and the B12A headstock, single truss rod,
serial # 922885, offered on eBay but it mysteriously disappeared before the auction ended.

This bass was owned but rarely played by Rachel Bolan of Skid Row.

Hamer B12S once owned by Dweezil Zappa


The bass is signed by Zappa. It was used on a song on his Music For Pets album.

The "Sex 12 Times" Hamer B12S

Custom made by Jol Dantzig for internationally renowned artist Shannon.
The background image shows Shannon playing this bass at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, UK.

Be sure to check out Shannon's MySpace page

2006 Custom White B12S

Similar in configuration to Rick Nielsen's white B12S that was built in 1978.

Monty Colvin's 1990 black B12S with boomerang inlays, SN #024739


Monty put the Bart Simpson sticker on this bass shortly after he received it. "Monty Colvin" in on the headstock.

B12S Cherry Transparent 12-string bass

1990 B12S Cherry Transparent 12-string bass with Boomerang Inlays


'59 Burst Finish B12S

Transparent Amber Finish B12S with Custom Graphics


1991 B12S in Iridescent Purple Finish


Doug Pinnick's original custom left-handed B12S


1994 Flame Maple B12S

Black B12S


1986 Yellow Beveled-Edge B12S

Jon Brant's B12S


Natural Flame B12S


B12S Tailpiece and Bridge

Hamer B12S Standard Features:
Distinctive Split "V" Headstock with Schaller Tune
Lubritrak Nut
3-Piece Stressed Maple Neck with Fully Adjustable Twin Low Mass Truss Rods
Quarter-Sawn East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
Maple Body
21 Nickel Silver Hand Seated .050" x .116" Frets on a 30" Scale
2 EMG Humbucking Pickups
Hamer Brass Bridge with 8 Individually Adjustable Saddles
Chrome Hardware

B12S String Spacing


Hamer B12S Ad:

"Words simply will not describe the B12S. It's powerful sound, and shimmering harmonics will bowl you over. This version, the original double cutaway design, has a 30.5 inch scale so it's easy to play. It's all maple construction enhances the extended top end, and utilizes twin low mass truss rods for extra stability. To accurately reproduce the amazing range of this instrument, a pair of EMG pickups are matched with the EXB active tone control. If you are looking for a unique sound to set you apart... this is it."