Hamer B12M 12-String Basses

Hamer B12M 12-String Bass - Vintage Natural Finish

Hamer B12M 12-String Bass - '59 Burst Finish

Hamer B12M 12-String Bass - Indigo Quilt Finish with Ebony Fingerboard

Hamer B12M 12-String Bass - Indigo Blue Finish with Binding

The Hamer B12M combines the body style of the B12S and the headstock of the B12A with a 32" medium scale neck and dual truss rods. Indigo Blue finish on a quilted top and back. It has a bound body and neck. The fingerboard is ebony with ten crown inlays.


Jim Morgan writes, "I wanted something that said "LOOK AT ME" but at the same time have a very classy look. After several decision changes I decided the B12S body always looks good and quilt maple has always been my favorite. This quilt looks like the Pacific Ocean and it moves. I never was really crazy about the V-headstock so I decided the B12A headstock would go on my dream bass. I was very pleased when it came with ivory-colored pickup mounts to match the binding and also an inlayed Hamer logo. I upgraded the standard nine dot inlays with ten mother-of-pearl Gibson style crown inlays for a classy look."

"The neck on a B12M is thicker near the headstock compared to a B12L or B12S. It feels more Heavy Duty. The neck dive is minimal."

Note: It has been reported that as of January 1, 2008 Hamer no longer offers crown inlays. This is due to Hamer being purchased by Fender Guitars, and Fender wants to keep the crown inlays as a special option for their other brands of instruments.


"The electronics are amazing! It has two independent EMG EXB active tone controls and two output jacks one for each pickup for stereo output. Each tone control effects treble, bass and mids: Rolling the tone controls all the way counterclockwise bypasses the active EQ and produces a (Rickenbacker) type sound but with plenty of punchy lows and highs. As you roll the tone control clockwise the tone becomes more rounded boosting treble and bass and cutting midrange. I find setting the neck pick-up tone in the middle and the bridge pick-up tone rolled almost all the way back sounds best for most songs. The toggle switch allows me to run both stereo and mono outputs. In mono mode both pickups and electronics are blended and go to both outputs. For a relatively small upgrade charge I would recommend this electronic setup to anyone custom ordering any Hamer bass."

Odell Robinson's "Dreamsicle" Hamer B12M 12-String Bass


This bass is in the custom Dreamsicle finish, specially created for the Inspector.

Greg Gianakis' Aztec Gold Hamer B12M 12-String Bass



The body is mahogany with an Ultimate grade quilt front and back (from the same piece of wood).
Maple neck with an Ebony fingerboard.
EMG electronics are Master Volume, Blend, Active Bass and Treble.


This bass is the first one Hamer has done with Ultimate binding, which is the pearl on the body, neck and headstock. 
It has matching pearl dots.

Semi-Hollow Body B12M 12-String Basses