Hamer Chaparral B12L 12-String Bass

Hamer USA began producing the 12-string Chaparral bass in 1992. It is still in production and is Hamer's most popular 12-string bass body style. At one time it was reported that Hamer designed this bass in collaboration with Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick; According to Hamer this contention is untrue and Petersson also denies any involvement with the B12L. It has the long scale 34" neck with dual truss rods and comes standard with EMG active pickups. With the standard wiring package there are knobs for bass and treble tone control, a pan control between the two pickups, and a master volume control.

Black B12L
Hamer catalogue photo


Black B12L with Boomerang inlays and large Logo
Hamer catalogue photo


Flame Top B12L


Left-Handed Black B12L


B12L with custom LED fret markers

1994 Sea Foam Green B12L with Black Hardware and Black Hamer Logo

Ebony Fingerboard, No Inlays. Factory Installed Alembic "Europa" Pickups and Electronics

Natural Finish B12L with Graphite Neck

Jol Dantzig at Hamer told us, "There were two of those 12-string basses with graphite necks. They never worked well. Too much tension! We didn't put a proper finish on it because it didn't work. One was owned by a very famous producer who wanted one for a session. We sent it to him because it was the only 12-string we had around at the time."

1999 Fretless Candy Blue B12L
The only fretless 12-string bass made by Hamer thus far


Inverted String Arrangement

B12L with custom bound body and neck


Very cool!

1994 Off-White B12L with Black Headstock
Autographed by Ty Tabor, Jerry Gaskill and Doug Pinnick of King's X

Transparent Red B12L signed by Collective Soul bassist Will Turpen


Kevin Macza's B12L with Lane Poor pickups


1996 Transparent Amber Finish B12L


1993 Transparent Salmon Finish B12L
Bartolini Classic bass pickups, Passive electronics
Wired stereo, switchable to mono on the fly

Hamer B12L Chaparral Standard Features:

Distinctive Split "V" Headstock with Schaller Tuners
Lubritrak Nut
3-Piece Stressed Maple Neck with Fully Adjustable Twin Low Mass Truss Rods
Quarter-Sawn East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
Mahogany Body
21 -Nickel Silver Hand Seated .050" x .116" Frets on a 34" Scale
2 Punchy and Precise EMG DC-35 Pickups
EMG BTS Electronics with four 25K Potentiometers
Solid Precision Routed Mahogany Body
Master Volume, Bass, Treble and Pan Pot Controls
Hamer Brass Bridge with 8 Individually Adjustable Saddles
Chrome Hardware
Flamed Maple Top

Current Hamer B12L Chaparral Ad:

"Chaparral 12-String : In 1978 Hamer constructed the world's first  twelve string bass. The Dantzig-penned design was based upon the ancient Tiple with four groups of three strings. Easier to play than it would appear, every bassist owes it to themselves to have one in their collections. Sometimes called the 'pocket piano,' it is a bold sonic statement that is perfect for trio applications as well as ensemble settings. The twelve string has a thunderous roar and stinging overtones that are the signature of this unique instrument. Also available as an eight string, the Chaparral bass is another icon of Hamer history."


Original Hamer B12L Chaparral Ad:

"Chaparral™ 12-string bass. The shimmering harmonics, which are the trademark of this unique instrument, are impossible to achieve with any other bass. The effect is not unlike the sound of a bass and a 12-string guitar playing exactly the same parts. However, it's a much fuller experience and totally in your face."