Hamer B12A 12-String Bass

Jol Dantzig at the Hamer shop in Palatine, Illinois with the first B12A 12-string bass (made for Tom Petersson) and Rick Nielson's checkerboard Vector guitar.

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The "Acoustic Look" Hamer B12A 12-string bass was designed by Hamer in collaboration with Tom Petersson and Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick in 1979. Petersson first used the B12A during Cheap Trick's Dream Police tour and it became his main bass for many years. The B12A is still being produced by Hamer. Usually it is found in the standard 34" long scale but a handful of short scale basses were also produced as custom orders. There are also variations in the necks and headstocks. The B12A is probably the Hamer 12-string model with the widest variety of custom finishes.

Tom Petersson's 1988 Checkerboard "Elvis" B12A with OBL pickups and three output jacks
This bass was used in Cheap Trick's video for the song "Don't Be Cruel".
It can be played as a standup bass and uses a screw-in pool cue as a stand.


Tom Petersson's 1985 Planet Hologram B12A with thinner neck and tapered headstock
Three output jacks


Tom Petersson's 1988 B12A with OBL pickups and bound body, three output jacks

Amusingly, "HI MY NAME IS TOM" appears where the neck attaches to the body.

Jack Capitano's 2004 Transparent Black Hamer B12A 12-String Bass
It has the boomerang inlays and an ebony fingerboard. Ultimate flametop.

This bass is unusual in that it does not have the 'sound hole' typically found on this model.

Cherry Red B12A

'59 Burst finish B12A Basses


Early version of "Uncle" Bob Nimmo's B12A with "Custom Graphics"
Click on the thumbnail to see the version with Advanced Graphics!

James Hunting's Natural B12A with Custom Tailpiece
The back of the body, neck and headstock are painted bright red

BCR Blue Sparkle Finish - Left Handed B12A

BCR Blue Sparkle Finish B12A

BCR Burst Finish B12A

White Finish B12A with custom pearloid tuners

Standard B12A Headstock


Mid-1980's Tom Petersson Model B12A Thinner Tapered Headstock
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Hamer B12A Standard Features:

Standard Headstock with Schaller Tuners
Lubritrak Nut
3-Piece Stressed Maple Neck with Fully Adjustable Twin Low Mass Truss Rods
Quarter-Sawn East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
Solid Mahogany Body
21 -Nickel Silver Hand Seated .050" x .116" Frets
34" Scale
EMG "P" and "HB" Pickups (one each)
Hamer Brass Bridge with 8 Individually Adjustable Saddles
Chrome Hardware
Flamed Maple Top



Hamer B12A Ad:

"The Hamer Acoustic Bass is as visually striking as it is sonically awe-inspiring. Try one out at your Hamer USA dealer today. Be sure to bring your checkbook, you won't want to leave empty handed."

Transparent Amber B12A with matching headstock