A Tribute to
Allen Woody

12-String and 18-String Bassist

The late Allen Woody of Gov't Mule and The Allman Brothers


Woody on stage in 1991 with Warren Hayes and the Allman Brothers. Allen played this unique Modulus 18-String Bass (originally made for Tom Petersson) on the song "Whipping Post".


Woody played several different 12-string basses.
This is the only Yellow Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string bass ever made.


White Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string bass
Musicvox photos courtesy of Matt Eichen, President of Musicvox


The First Chandler 12-String Bass

Paul Chandler of Chandler Guitars states, "The first 12-string we ever made was for the late Allan Woody, one of the best players I ever had the supreme pleasure to jam with. Miller Beer commissioned a Korina Flying V 12-string bass with their graphics for him when he was playing with Warren in the Allman Brothers. It had 4 Chandler Lipstick pickups and one of Adrian's Red Booster active circuits.  30" scale, cool bass."


Allen had an eye for unusual instruments. This is Woody's unique 1997 Gibson Custom Shop 4-String Bass / Mandolin double-neck that was specially made for use during the Gov't Mule tour.


A portion of Woody's extensive bass collection, as shown in the Fall '99 issue of Bass Player magazine.
The Chandler Flying V 12-string and Modulus 18-string basses are included.


Allen Woody's autograph on a Musicvox 12-string bass


Douglas Allen Woody (1955-2000)