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Alexey Berezin with his Galveston 12-string bass
On stage in Moscow, Russia with the band Compiled 424.

Known by the nickname "Evil Alex", Alexey writes, "The band is called Compiled 424 and we've been experimenting with a vast variety of rock and metal genres for the last two years. There were some attempts to specify our genre by our listeners and by us ourselves, all failed miserably... And that's cool! We eventually came up with the term 'Art-house metal'. Some think that the Compiled part of the band's name refers to the 'compilation of genres' in our music. But originally it was simply referring to a company of students from group 424 or RosNOU University (Moscow), hence the original crew of the band."

"Our love for experiments was one of the reasons behind octave-strung basses, 7-string guitars and other cool stuff including an incorporation of balalaika in our live shows. We played in more than a dozen live shows over the last year and most of those shows included an 8-string bass. Now some songs also include a 12ver (last show played entirely using a 12ver!), which I am very proud of."

"I'm 100% self-taught in playing bass, which I started five years ago. I prefer rhythm-based, 'rolling and going' bass lines, which don't incorporate crazy string switches every single 16th note.

"My first encounter with a 12ver was a 12-string acoustic guitar. I was very impressed with what an octave-strung instrument might be, what it might do. This impression was a key factor when I was searching for something to add a boost to my solo works. This is when I saw a photo of the 15-string bass on Shamray Custom Shop site. It was cool and I knew it could do a lot the first time a saw it. I started browsing the site closely and soon found an 8-string bass with sound samples. Those samples literally made me obsessed with finding an 8-string of my own. This idea has had a great lot of adventures, but eventually I had my Shamray-made 8-string bass. And it was incredibly cool!"


"My greatest inspirations to move forward to a 12ver were Amy Humphrey and Joe Hayes with their band Clatter, which is an absolute masterpiece! Also, Doug Pinnick was a huge impression. NO Tom Petersson / Cheap Trick (with all due respects) involved in my case, you've got that right! When practicing at home I use a Roland KC350 (BIG thanks goes to Ken Ritchie) which puts out 120 watts. A very good combo; not only does it deal a great sound, but it also has a built-in mixing console so I can run both the "guitar" part of my setup and the "bass" part through one combo with the same result as if I was using a dual-amp setup!"


The band is Tarja BlackDiamond (keyboards), Alexey "Ziltoid" Verchenov (drums, guitars)...


... Roman "R@msteX" Polunin (lead guitar), and Alexey "Evil Alex" Berezin (bass).


Alex recently added mahogany pickup covers to his bass. About the effect of the covers on the bass' tone he writes, "I'd say it has clarified it, made octave-strings sound brighter, and bass strings bassier. It also balanced the output level of the pickups (the difference in thickness of the cover's upper part had it's effect) so it doesn't have any volume jumps when I switch pickups now. I like the overall effect."

Be sure to check out the Compiled 424 website and MySpace page!